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The incorrect assumption is often made by those who have never met or interacted with an escort, that the relationships they have with their clients is a purely physical one. In some cases, this is certainly true. However the majority of the time the relationship between a West Hampstead escort and their client is one based on mutual respect, companionship and romance. For many men that regularly spend time with a West Hampstead escort, the emotional aspects of the time they spend together is actually more important than many of the physical aspects that are part of the relationship. Many clients choose to have regular relationships with an escort that have no physical interest at all.

The fact is that the lifestyle of the average busy Londoner can make it very difficult to meet new people. We work long hours and rarely interact with our neighbours or anyone outside of our workplace or existing social circle. Our West Hampstead escorts, however, are able to provide all of the companionship and meaningful conversation that you would expect from a traditional relationship. You will always have someone to share dinner with, relax in front of the TV to watch a movie with, or even escort you to that special occasion you just don’t want to attend alone: acting as a ‘plus one’ to weddings, christenings, and even work events.

The relationship that clients form with their west Hampstead escorts is a very special one. When you choose to regularly meet the same escort it stands to reason that some kind of relationship will blossom: often one built on companionship, romance, and mutual respect and attraction. As well as being conventionally beautiful with wonderful physiques, all of the West Hampstead escorts we work with are also well educated, funny, and wonderfully engaging women that you will want to spend time with.

When you form a relationship with a West Hampstead escort it is completely on your terms: this convenience is something most clients find very appealing. You choose when and where you want to meet your West Hampstead escort, and the special relationship that you have with them is based on your schedule and fits in with your needs. This is the ideal relationship for anyone who leads a busy life and simply doesn’t have the time to meet someone in a more conventional way.

STATEMENT: Nothing illegal should be assumed by the copy written here on these pages, and all fees paid to our sexy female escorts are for the sheer pleasure of the time and companionship they spend with you. Anything further which may occur is the choice of an individual woman who has enjoyed the time she has spent with an individual man; no fees are paid with the expectation of anything more than companionship. All Lush Dolls are nineteen or over, and have consented to all copy written here. By reading this disclaimer you agree to abide by our terms and conditions, and agree that you are nineteen or over yourself.